URC Complete Control Program (CCP) Software Download

URC Complete Control Program

URC Complete Control Program

In order to get started programming your URC remote control, you will first need to download and install the URC Complete Control Program software suite. To download the software, click on the link below.

Note: A torrent program is required in order to download this file. To download a free torrent client look in the Help section below.

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URC Complete Control Program - URC’s software suite for programming your remote control.



Complete Control Program (CCP) is compatible with the following URC hardware:

  • MX-780
  • MX-880
  • MX-880z
  • MX-890
  • MX-900
  • MX-980
  • MX-1200
  • MX-5000
  • MX-6000
  • KP-900
  • KP-4000
  • MRX-1
  • MRF-260
  • MRZ-260
  • MRF-350
  • MSC-400

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8

57 thoughts on “URC Complete Control Program (CCP) Software Download

  1. priyang patel

    hey i have a mx3000 recently wiped my computer, i need the software to update the remote with new tv. please send me the software thanks [email protected]

    1. Donald

      I Also would like the mx 3000 editors software swaped from st to cable need to cange and cant find my old software [email protected]

  2. Mark E Peterson

    i own 2 mx-900 remotes and have had the software on my desktop for years. it crashed yesterday . I have called them before and they asked for a serial number and emailed me a new copy. well now their policy has changed and after spending a lot of money on 2 remotes , they say get fucked? I don’t think so. so thank you to the peson who has put this up and fuck you to the salami slamming cocksucker that posted the bs comments on here. there are honest people out there that are getting screwed. go have a beer and relax ya douche.

  3. Jerry

    I tried to download the Universal Remote software using the “regular download” but Google Chrome said it was malicious. Can any one offer some comments or help?


    1. John F

      What is the regular download that you’re referring to? There is only a torrent download on this website. I downloaded the software here using my torrent client and it has been working perfectly.

      1. Jerry

        When I click the link “URC Complete Control Program on this page it takes me to a site, call it “A”. On that site I click Download which take me to another site “B” that says Regular Download.

        However, when I click the MX-780 hypelink on site “A” I get a link to “URC Complete Control Program (CCP). Is that the one I need.

        Thanks for any and all help. I just which URC would have the software available.


        1. John F.

          I see what you mean. All those “Download” links are actual fake ones. They are just advertisements, nothing more. If you already have uTorrent running, you want to click on the little red magnet icon on that site, rather than on the “Download” links.

          The red magnet icon says “GET THIS TORRENT” next to it. That will allow you to download the software. Don’t click on any links that say “DOWNLOAD”, as those are just adverts to take you to some other page.

          1. Jerry

            Thanks for the advice and information. This is all very annoying that all this is necessary and the URC does not supply the software but at least it is available here.

            I will do as you suggest. BTW, do you happen to know the version of the software?

            Thanks, Jerry

          2. don

            I downloaded uTorrent and then tried to download the CCP software from this site and it seems to have downloaded but when I try to open the software I get a error message and it wont open.
            Any ideas???

      2. Jerry

        Nope, I keep getting to a site the has a link that says “Regular Download”. also has a link “Download Torrent” If I click Download Torrent, Chrome says the software is malicious.


  4. Michael

    Thank you for this. Is there any way I can donate to your website. You save me so much money and hassles that I want to support you!

  5. vitamin

    Thank you for making this available. URC is going to fuck themselves in the long run by having the current business model … especially this day and age when Torrents are so readily available.

    They should focus on selling their products and keep their software open for download.

    The reality is, in order to program the MSC-400 and remotes, its takes time to learn and program. Even then, there’s a good chance that someone who’s been trained or has experience in programming will do a better job than a newbie; There would remain massive opportunity for “dealers” to continue their specialized software programming services.

    I hope this site gets found by anyone searching for: Universal Remote Control (URC) programming software.

  6. E Tuttle

    Hi Tom,
    Could I please get a copy of the MX -3000 Editor software? I have some programming experience and want to try programming the MX -3000 myself. Thank you very much in advance!

    ET Phone Home

  7. Yoyo

    I am not able to download. Not sure what’s wrong with the torrent? It’s always in seeding status.

    Any alternatives to download.

  8. polish prince

    Same problem with URC and MX Editor for my MX-850. I programmed my 2 MX-850 completely myself. The copy MX Editor on my computer due was erased to WIndows reinstall. No help from URC on getting a copy of MX Editor. Does anyone have a copy?

      1. mrgriff01

        If you still have the MX Editor software, I would love to get a link to download, I’ve been all over the place trying to find it with no luck. I lost mine due to a failed hard drive.

  9. Daffy

    The update is very simple.Go to the program icon on desktop,click right on it,and run in administrator….When the program start,will upgrade itself.Enjoy!

  10. Tim

    Thank you! URC has such a ridiculous software policy.. Nobody should have to pay someone else to program a remote for them if they are willing to do the work themselves… I personally would never buy a urc product just because of this ridiculous policy.. I am just helping my father in-law out, he purchased this remote from a dealer which then went out of business. The volume button on $500 remote failed!, so he wanted a replacement.. I found a used replacement remote on ebay for a third of that, now I am going to copy the settings from the old to the replacement with this software.. Thank you for your help!

  11. jonas

    Thank you for uploading this. I was having a hard time finding the software a couple months ago and decided to try one more time. This popped up right away on Google and with a couple hours of tinkering I’ve got my remote setup exactly how I wanted it.

  12. LenMan

    Thanks for making this software available. We bought a new MX-900 from Universal Remote directly and it did not come with any software. I really hate that URC and their fucking “dealer network” make it impossible to aquire the software and program your own remote. With all their fucking excuses and BS.

    I swear, everyone at URC and their dealer network are drinking some BS kool-aid. Why would a company want to alienate people that spend hundrends of dollars on their product ? control perhaps – or putting money in the pockets of scumbag dealers.

    I’m so very happy to have found this site. I’m sure if this site is taken down a new one will pop up to replace it. Thanks you SO very much and if URC or any of their scumbag dealers are reading this – too late you can’t put the shit back in the donkey – biotches…..

    I love the comment above from the URC/EX-URC dealer – he’s just angry that there are intelligent people that know how to get around the system….

    1. Rob

      I’m with you! mx-900 with no way of updating new components! I found this site but the torrent never downloads the software. Can you help a brother out?

  13. Tom

    As a dealer I think this is the right way to go with the software. YES programming is a part of my business but it is not my sole business.

    I find quality customer service leads to the programming jobs. I have and continue to provide the programming software on all inquiries and will continue to do so.


    1. Emery Tuttle

      Hi Tom,
      Could I please get a copy of the MX -3000 Editor software? I have some programming experience and want to try programming the MX -3000 myself. Thank you very much in advance!

      ET Phone Home

  14. Jimmy K.


    I am interested in buying this site. Is this something you would consider? I can pay via paypal, EMT, western union and or cash if the price is right. What does this site come with?

    Who is the owner?

    Please contact me at

    Jimmy K.
    xxxxxxxx Corp
    ph: XXX-XXX-XXXX

  15. JO go fk

    You guys are all fucked. I hope all your remotes drop dead and your computers freeze up.

    CCP Is NOT for the end user and you WILL NOT just start programming your remote right out of the box.

    Good fucken luck assholes and the asshole that started this is going to be in deep shit when URC finds you. They are on it now they say but really who the fuck knows.

    I am a custom dealer that has just dropped the URC product line because of this bullshit. We now use RTI. They dont put up with this kind of shit. URC says they dont but clearly your still here allowing end users to get the software…..

    1. Chris Keyland

      Umm, I was given a copy of the software by a professional installer who was at my house configuring a remote, so that I could provide myself simple updates and finish tweaking some things. I found the software pretty un-intuitive, but within a few hours I was doing just fine with no training or certification. To say that people who are not installers simply can’t use this software is BS and assumes a lot of the general public, who may be more adept at learning software than you think. The installer also got stuck with some aspects of programming some of our devices that I was able to spend more time with and resolve myself, so as an end user who eventually figured out how to use the software more proficiently than the installer who was licensed to use it, I find the policy of keeping the configuration software from end-users to be limiting to many users, especially in smaller markets, with few options for installation and use. Not advocating stealing or pirating in any way, just a critique of the policy.

  16. Craig

    I hope everyone knows this is an illegal website and is distributing software breaking US copyright laws. Whether or not you want to pay an installer is moot. By downloading this software you are stealing.

      1. Craig

        All this site is going to do is force URC to impose stricter policies on their software that will make it impossible for any DIY person to use it. There are legal ways to obtain the software. This is the route the new Total Control Line has gone and who knows they could drop the CCP products.

    1. Rob

      OOH IM SCARED… Go fuck yourself. We all know and WE DONT CARE. Let them come kick my door in for “stealing” software that is intentionally not provided in order to force consumers to use SCUMBAGS like yourself and ol’ cuntbag from the last post to program the product. I am an IT professional and do not need to add to the coffers of rookies like yourselves. I have more IT experience that I have forgotten than you have even learned.. Again, go fuck yourself

  17. Maynard

    Hey Guys thanks for this website!, I never used a tech before cause I just got my URC remote, but im curious, how much does this tech or “professional” charged you when programming a remote, do they charge per macro, per remote or per device?

    1. Matthew Cruz

      It really depends on the area you’re in and what the going rate is. Most custom installers tend to charge around $80-$150 per hour for programming. They don’t charge by per macro, but usually either do a per hour rate as above or might charge a flat rate per device.

      If you are good with Windows and patient enough to learn CCP, don’t pay a pro for something you can easily do yourself. Thanks to URC fans putting this site up we can all learn how to program our remotes now and best part is no longer have to pay anyone when we want to change something in future!

  18. SharkRaid

    So my case is a little different. Unlike most everyone else who’s commented here I wasn’t looking for the software for a pre-existing remote that I owned. I just bought a MX-890 on eBay for around $350 and thanks to you guys will be able to program it as soon as it arrives. Now just need to pick up a cheap MRF-350 soon and I will be all set. Going through a dealer I would have been paying $500 + $250 + (~200 in programming) = almost $1000. Finding a MRF-350 for around $100 shouldn’t be too hard on eBay so my total all-in shouldn’t be more than around $450. Saved over $500 — THANKS!!

  19. Tom

    After installing the CCP program I’m having an issue with retrieving the programming from my remote. Does it automatically load up or is there something that I need to do? I connected the USB cable and started CCP but it is asking for me to start a new file.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    1. Eczeema18

      After opening CCP choose the Empty option (No Rooms, No Remotes) then hit X to close the window that pops up asking you to setup the home layout. Then click on the “Communications” tab in the toolbar near the top and then click on the button “Get from Remote”. Have your remote connected to your computer before doing this and you should be able to get your remote’s programming on your system.

      Good luck!

  20. HWalken

    Can confirm this works. Just downloaded it with uTorrent and followed the instructions in the guide to download the software. Installed it on my Windows 7 laptop and was able to pull the software from the remote onto my computer.

    Scanned the file with my virus scanner first and it came up clean. Thank you very much.

  21. J. Baldwin

    I’ve owned my URC remote for 5 years now. The system was installed and had quirky problems involving some of the button macros. Technicians had to come back several times to modify the remote programming. After a few years and over $1000 in service visits, the on/off doesn’t reliably turn off or on ALL devices. Again, it is quirky–i.e., it sometimes does and sometimes does not.

    Finally, I decided to take this into my own hands and so tried to find the programming manual and software for my device. After calling the Universal Remote Control factory I learned that the software and programming manuals are available only to dealers.

    Thank you so much for providing the software here. I am sick and tired of paying “professionals” who can’t solve simple problems with this thing.

    If you don’t want to have to be held captive to “professionals” for your AV system, DO NOT make my mistake. Buy the device and program it yourself.

  22. Aaron

    Thank you very much for sharing this. I love my URC remote but am sick and tired of having to pay someone anytime I need to make a minor change to my programming.


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